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Gary Yurt: Responsibilities of a Safety Manager

September 2, 2014

While most employees are appreciative of the safety measures taken at their place of business, they may be unaware of the complete scope of responsibilities of its safety manager. Gary Yurt, President of Industrial Safety and Training Services in Prospect, Kentucky, has served as a safety manager for more than two decades. Here he shares his insight on what this occupation entails.

Training – Safety managers are responsible for training all managers and supervisors in safety and health, investigation, and accident prevention.

Inspection – Safety managers are also expected to conduct routine inspections of a workplace to ensure there are no hazardous chemicals or conditions present at the site. Informal inspections are an effective way to identify and rectify hazards immediately.

Education – Safety meetings should be held on a regular basis in order to inform both new and existing employees of safety procedures related to their occupation.

Gary Yurt has extensive experience as a safety manager, having served in this capacity for companies such as General Electric and Borden Chemical. As President of Industrial Safety and Training Services, he advises clients on all matters related to safety and emergency management.


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